Round 1 – Lets just call this a trial run!

Ok, the title says it all! Looks like I’ll be working late into the night tomorrow to perfect this. I can’t present these to the LOs security officer Thursday knowing she liked the original batch! 

This batch, didn’t have that CRACK. there was no SNAP when I took it off the parchment paper. After discussing what I did wrong with my boyfriend, the culinary/B&P expert, I should have melted the 2 c. Brown sugar and 1 c. Butter in a larger sauce pan. That’s #1. #2 would have been to let it boil out to ABOUT 300°F instead of the 275°F I had it boiled to. 

I’m so disappointed! Oh well. 

I’m chalking this up to RUSHING and to not being extremely tired/sleep deprived. I do my best work when I’m under the gun, and Sleeping through it! 🤔😉

Check back in tomorrow night. Mayhaps I’ll have a positive review! 


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