I am so glad I went for round 2! These came out PERFECT!

And for future reference to anyone who wants to try this recipe, or ANY recipe for that matter… I can’t stress it enough. Just because you’ve made something once, does not make you an expert!! Read the directions, or at the very least, the INGREDIENTS!

Remember how I said the first batch wasn’t cracking, and I assumed it was because of the small pan I used, and not letting it get to temp?… nope! Way off!! I got my measurements for the brown sugar and the chocolate chips mixed up. Instead of doing equal parts butter to brown sugar, I ended up with a 1:2 ratio, and only used 1 c. Chocolate chips instead of 2. 

That explains everything!!!!!

If you want to try this recipe for yourself, please check out the website I got it from: 

Spend With Pennies – Pecan Christmas Crack



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