Better late than never

Whoops… I flopped HARD. Not only on reviewing this, but the execution in general. 

I decided to make a Shirley Temple bundt cake on Easter. To be honest, I’m pretty disappointed in how it turned out. I expected a kiddie cocktail. I didn’t expect a dry pound cake. Maybe I didn’t poke my holes deep enough? Maybe I mixed things a bit longer than I should have? Hell, maybe it had to do with the fact that it shared an oven with a sirloin roast for 45 of the 90 mins it was in the oven. Who knows! The only 2 things I do know, is it has somewhere around 70g of sugar PER SERVING! 😱😮😱😮😱😮 and my 5 year old LOVED it (but let’s be real, does that HONESTLY surprise ANYONE???). 

Here is where i got this recipe if anyone would like to try it. 

Shirley Temple Cake


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